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Daisy to Brownie Crossover Ceremony

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I went to a super cute event this week. A Daisy to Brownie Crossover Ceremony! These cute little girls started their ceremony as a Daisy, crossed over an awesome bridge, did a twirl, looked in a mirror and became Brownies. They received their Brownie pins, a Brownie t-shirt, and got to eat yummy brownies of course!

So, I learned that, the girls receive their Brownie pin upside down. In order to keep their super brownie-ness going (okay I made that part up) the pin needs to be rotated. For every good deed that the girls do they get to rotate their pin. The good deed can’t be a chore or something that they have to do, and they can’t be asked to do it either. The girls were asked to keep track of how many times they get to turn their pin over the summer. Now, my main goal was to take pictures of this event, so I may have gotten a few details wrong, but you get the main idea of the story.

So, I started paying attention to things I do for other people, without being asked. If I had a Brownie pin (and I’m sure I do somewhere since once upon a time I was Brownie) I would have gotten to turn my pin 3 times on Tuesday and 2 times today. I forgot to keep track on Wednesday 😦 On another note, the cashier at Target who didn’t greet me, threw my receipt at me, and sneezed in my face needs to turn her pin back a turn. Sigh…

Anyways, here are a few pics from the event. Thanks to Troop 1307 for inviting me and reminding me to be a better person!


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